BONZO BOOK: 30 Rock Drummers Remember John Bonham – Mike Portnoy, Frankie Banali, Charlie Benante, Kenny Aronoff, Brian Tichy

Mike Portnoy: OUT NOW! A great new book about the great John Bonham by Greg Prato! Includes interviews with 30 drummers including myself, Charlie Benante, Kenny Aronoff, Frankie Banali, Gregg Bissonette, John Dolmayan, Liberty DeVitto, Richard Christy, Jerry Gaskill, Michael Miley, Marky Ramone, Brian Tichy, Jason Bonham & more all sharing our love for King Bonzo!


Few rock drummers remain as universally praised as Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham. Listen to any Zeppelin album, and you will hear a virtual showcase on expert rock drumming – while never getting in the way of the group’s other members and their contributions, singer Robert Plant, guitarist Jimmy Page, and bassist John Paul Jones. But sadly, one of rock’s all-time greats died tragically young – he was only 32 years old – resulting in the end of one of rock’s most celebrated bands. To mark 40 years since his passing, ‘Bonzo: 30 Rock Drummers Remember the Legendary John Bonham’ has been assembled – comprised of interviews with some of the top drummers of rock (including Kenny Aronoff, Mike Portnoy, John Dolmayan, Brian Tichy, and Steve Gorman, among others), discussing what made Bonham such a special and unforgettable drummer.