UK Performance Rights Group to Simplify Copyright Process

PRS for Music, a performance rights organization located in the UK, announced on Monday it will conduct an extensive tariff review in an attempt to simplify the process of obtaining licenses. The group represents more than 111,000 songwriters and publishers, and will attempt to consolidate more than 40 public performance tariffs so that its customers can obtain copyrights more efficiently. The first step will involve getting feedback from artists and composers concerning a variety of performance tariffs, then compiling the suggestions and comments to help guide a complete redesign of the performance tariff system.

“The purpose of the simplification programme is to create tariffs that are easy to understand and use,” noted the agency’s head of business development, Rob Kirkham, in a statement. “By reviewing public performance tariffs across a number of sectors, our aim is that customers can continue to utilise and enjoy PRS for Music’s repertoire in a simpler and more efficient way. The consultations will provide opportunities to engage with our customers offering them open lines of communication with us, as PRS seeks to ensure that we continue to operate modern and appropriate licensing schemes.”

For more information about the PRS tariff overhaul project, or to take part in its customer consultation process, Click Here.