TOOL’s Maynard Keenan Opens Up About His Wife’s Battle w/ Breast Cancer – 2021

Maynard J Keenan: Today is my wife’s Birthday. #licoricelust I’m going to guess that it will be viewed as her favorite. In late Nov she felt a lump in her breast. On X-mas eve, she was diagnosed with cancer. She didn’t collapse into a pile of self pity. She didn’t launch into an entitlement rage.

She didn’t act out in any self-destructive manner. Instead she asked the right questions, listened to her doctors, made a plan, and stuck to it. And when there were things she couldn’t do on her own, she asked for help. Before the chemo could take her hair, she cut it all off and had our friend Brook make her a wig to match. And then she went to work. No one was the wiser. She’s successfully navigated both the chemo and the surgery, and now begins the radiation. And all without whining or bitching. She is my rock. She is my muse. She is my ALL.

Be like Jen. Happy Birthday, My Love. Cheers to this one and many more.