Tom Keifer Band “All Amped Up” New VIDEO 2020

Tom Keifer: BRAND NEW #keiferband Music Video “All Amped Up” Speaker with three sound waves
Onstage, behind the scenes tour footage & lots of shots of y’all!  Look close at the crowd…You just might be in it 🙂

The song ‘All Amped Up’ was inspired by and written to describe the reckless abandon and rush of a loud rock show. With all the concerts being cancelled this year, I think everyone is starving for that feeling. We’ve captured so much footage of #keiferband over the last few years and thought since we can’t all be together during this pandemic, we would make a video that brings the show to you. The energy and lyrics of ‘All Amped Up’ felt like the perfect song for a video that would capture that concert energy as well as the feeling of being on tour. We are really missing all of you and looking forward to seeing you out there in 2021! In the meantime, here’s a little ‘Supersonic slam and tonic… All amped up’”
-Tom Keifer