Rare Prince Items Up for Auction

RR Auction has over 200 Prince-related items that are open for bidding, including handwritten notes, lyrics, Purple Rain era items and much more. The auction ends on September 27th.  To check out a complete list of the items available, go to this location.

Early Pre-Purple Rain Era
Prince’s Own 1980 Rick James Tour All Access Pass

Prince’s Electronics Drum Computer Info Packet

Prince 1978 For You Pair of Posters

Prince Set of (4) Early Original Candid Photographs

Prince’s Personally-Owned Checkbook

Prince Collection of 1980s Tour Material

Prince’s ‘The Time’ Handwritten Notes

Prince’s Personally-Owned and -Used Makeup Compact

Prince Personally-Owned and -Worn Scarf

Vanity 6 Gold Sales Award

Purple Rain Era
Prince 1983 Purple Rain 1st Draft Script

Prince 1983 Purple Rain 1st Draft Script

Prince’s Purple Rain Nine-Page Handwritten Musical Enhancement Notes

Prince 1983 Purple Rain Original Shooting Schedule

Prince Purple Rain Tour Thank You Card

Prince Purple Rain Promo Booklet and Passes

Prince Purple Rain Tour Material

Sign o’ the Times Era
Prince’s Personally-Owned and Stage-Worn Yellow Boots

Prince’s Personally-Owned and -Worn Black Lace Crop Top

Eric Leeds’s Sign o’ the Times Stage Outfit

Bono Copy of a Letter to Prince