Tom DeLonge Reverb Shop – Selling blink-182, Angel & Airwaves Gear – 2021

Reverb: We’re stoked to announce that Tom DeLonge is opening his very own Reverb Shop next week—and it’s filled with sweet gear he’s used with Angels & Airwaves & blink-182!

The 100-piece cache DeLonge is parting with spans the whole gear spectrum, from amps to synths, guitar pedals, and more all used on world-wide tours and in the studio. Some highlights from the blink days include DeLonge’s go-to touring amps of the time: Marshall JMP-1s and multiple Mesa Boogie Triaxis amps.

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Over the years, I’ve collected so much music gear, used on different albums and tours, that now I’m overflowing with this stuff,” said DeLonge. “I need space, and in order to make space for the next Angels & Airwaves run—so that I can rehearse, do our stretching, and hug and kiss each other and all that other shit we have to do—I want to pass this stuff on.”