Stryper’s Michael Sweet to White Lion’s Vito Bratta: “You left your mark on the music world” – 2023

Michael Sweet:

One of my absolute favorite players from the ’80s – Vito Bratta!

I had the honor of touring with Vito in the late 80’s and he always impressed me. Night after night. One of the most consistent players I’ve ever seen. And he was always pleasant, complimentary and an absolute solid guy with a great sense of humor.

His tone was absolutely killer, and he wrote solos that were songs within a song. That’s the style of guitar “shredding” that I appreciate. It’s not about how many notes you play, it’s about what notes you choose to play.

Eddie knew that, Randy knew that, George knew that and Vito knew that.

Although you don’t hear about Vito much these days (and you may not even know who he is), go listen to his masterful playing/style on YouTube🙏

Whatever you’re doing in life Vito, know you left your mark on the music world. And that’s forever……..