TOOL’s Maynard J. Keenan Pays Tribute to LOW’s Mimi Parker, “A huge influence on my writing approach w regards to pace, space, and harmony” – 2022

Maynard J. Keenan:

This is crushing news from Alan, LOW. Although I’ve never met them, Mimi and Alan have been a huge influence on my writing approach w regards to pace, space, and harmony. A few years ago, right after Bowie, Lemmy, and Alan Rickman died, I began writing letters, 12 at a time, to strangers who have had a huge influence on me. This was in reaction to the outpouring of love I was reading that these dead artists would never hear. I chose to write and send those words of appreciation, along w some wine and gifts to my guides while they could still read them.

Mimi and Alan were on that next round of 12 letters and had been for about 6 months. And I fucking waited too long. I was literally going to ask mgt to track down a good address for them this weekend. I had no idea she was sick. This puts an added sting to my procrastination. The song I was listening to on loop yesterday was Congregation.

My point I suppose is Do Not Wait. Life Is Too Short. Say the Words. Send the Letter. Make the Call. Also- Do yourself a favor and dig deep on the LOW catalog. Things We Lost in the Fire is a good place to start. Alan, Puscifer will be dedicating Horizons and A Singularity to Mimi the next few days while we play our way through Canada. So sorry for your loss.


FROM AUGUST 15, 2022