Skid Row Singer Erik Grönwall Offers Advice to Upcoming Artists – 2022

Erik Grönwall: People often ask me what advice I would give to upcoming artists. And I feel like I never give a good answer. So I thought about it and here’s a start.

1. Work hard and smart. Some of the talent you possess is genetic. But in order to actually turn that into something of value you need hard work. There are a lot of talented unsuccessful people out there. To simplify, let’s define success as being able to wake up every day and do whatever you want to do with your time (in this case: being an artist). To get what you want you have to deserve what you want.

2. You are nothing without your fans. They are the only reason you can live your dream. Take good care of them and they will take good care of you.

3. Build consistency. I know songwriters who go to the studio every day and write a song, even if it sucks. You don’t see them having 365 hits a year. Maybe 1… or 2… if they’re lucky.

4. Learn how to deal with adversity. You will get a lot of “no thank you” throughout your whole career.

5. Seize the opportunities. Remember this: NO ONE is irreplaceable. You may be unique but in a competitive world of almost 8 billion people you are not unique enough to be able to afford to say no. Especially not when you’re starting your career.

6. Learn how to produce and/ or write songs. Especially if you don’t have money to pay someone to do it for you. There’s a lot of value and freedom in being able to produce and/ or write your own music. Don’t wait for others to make it happen. Play it as much as possible according to your goals, schedule and availability.

7. Be respectful to everyone you meet and work with. Promoters, labels, publishers, managers. You will have highs and lows in your career. More lows than highs. The people you meet on the way up will be there on your way down. If you’re a whiny, complaining, disrespectful son of a bitch (pardon my Swedish) and no one wants to work with you… well good luck getting back up.

8. Oh yes. Health. You are nothing without your health. Take good care of your body, mind and spirit. Drugs is not rock n roll. What’s truly rock n’ roll is being able to wake up every day and live your dream.