Shooter Jennings Slams Wikipedia: “On Mine, Little Is Accurate”

Shooter Jennings: just viewed my own Wikipedia for first time in a long time. I’ve donated to them multiple times and — on mine, little is accurate. And we’ve attempted to correct. The only ‘help’ we got was: “if you hire this person for a brazilian $ they can maybe fix it”. Good system? Y/N

At one point Wikipedia said that my dad was a satanist and not many people knew that. Lol. It also said I was from Akron, Ohio and used a picture of a random kid in a Woody-from-Toy-Story hat. It seems that randoms (with whatever agendas) can edit but the public personas can’t.

Regardless, I’m just tired of the racket. Wikipedia either needs to start working w their subjects to – at least – fact check, or give us the option to opt-out. Every radio jock I sit with has been handed a summary of this shit & they’re worth more research and so are we.