Santa Cruz Singer After Background Vocal Mishap at Their Whisky a Go Go Concert, “Piss off and shut the F**k up” – 2022

Blabbermouth: SANTA CRUZ frontman Archie Cruz has fired back at reports that he was “miming” to a track during the band’s performance last week in West Hollywood, California. Read the entire article @ this location.

Archie Cruz:

I just feel like I need to clear some shit out. Obviously, there’s been a lot of backlash after our show at the Whisky last Wednesday. And we’ve been accused of ‘miming’ on the track, which is not true. We did have backing tracks, but we just had some layers, and that is literally what every fucking big band is doing right now, which just happened to fuck up the timing, so I feel like I need to clear that out right now.”

Archie then reproduced his vocal track from the section of “Under The Gun” where the alleged “miming” took place, and explained: “This is my vocal. This is what I do live. That’s my track. That’s 100 percent live. And what we had in the P.A. was an octave-lower harmony and an octave-higher harmony to back that shit up.” He went on to play a recording of what he said was on tape to back up his live performance during the Whisky concert, and he added: “So, please do not talk about something you don’t know anything about or do not accuse us of doing something that’s not true. So, piss off and shut the fuck up.”


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