Photographer Mark Weiss on Touring w/ Motley Crue, “And then Nikki started biting my leg…” – 1984 – 2022

Mark Weiss: On January 10, 1984, Motley Crue began opening up arena shows for the Ozzy Bark at the Moon tour. I would go on the road traveling with Ozzy on his tour bus every once in a while. When I heard Motley was starting to open a leg of the tour, I made sure was there to capture the debauchery. When I saw the Crue they were glad to see me and asked if I wanted to spend a few days traveling with them on their bus. Needless to say – it was a YES! They knew how to party. It was all that you’ve read about and more. As Nikki escorted me on the bus, Tommy was sitting in the driver’s seat and put his leg out to stop me, and then Nikki started biting my leg, with a devilish grin yelling “DRAW BLOOD”. Vince and Mick were settled in on the bus shaking their heads. Needless to say, he drew blood from me but in order for him to stop chopping on me, I had to do the same to him. After some numbness from Tommy pouring Jack Daniels down my throat to ease the pain, I had no choice but to follow orders. I bit Nikki back and passed – what I later found out to be their initiation. I got some of the most classic photos of the CRUE on that trip. Here are a few (scroll the Instagram post below).


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