Peter Gabriel / Lou Reed Guitarist, Steve Hunter, Set to Release Final Album

Steve Hunter is set to release his new album, Before the Lights Go Out, on October 1, 2017. Short clips of all ten tracks can be heard above.

Hunter is an American guitarist, primarily a session player best known for his collaborations with Lou Reed and Alice Cooper. He has played some of the coolest riffs in rock history – the opening solos on Aerosmith’s version of “Train Kept A Rollin'”, the acoustic intro on Peter Gabriel’s “Solsbury Hill” and he wrote the legendary intro interlude that made Lou Reed’s live version of “Sweet Jane.”

Unfortunately, Hunter is going blind due to his bout with Pigmentary Glaucoma. The guitarist says he plans to retire from making his own music but will still be able to play guitar and do sessions. The Steve Hunter Fan Club has started a GoFundMe page.

1. On The Edge Of Uncertainty 5.29
2. Mojo Man 4.46
3. Summer’s Eve 5.30
4. Cinderblock 2.36
5. Softtail Deuce 4.16
6. Tienes Mi Corazón (You Have My Heart) 5.17
7. Ice Storm 3.00
8. Under The Bodhi Tree 6.37
9. The Other Side Of The Coin 3.36
10. Happy Trails (vocal Karen Hunter) 1.30

Peter Gabriel:
“Steve is a wonderful musician with great chops and a big heart. He has a very individual style – free flowing and fluid. His playing on ‘Solsbury Hill’ was a real signature for the track, and it has always been a great pleasure working with him.”

Joe Satriani:

“Steve Hunter is a great guitarist; and his influence on the American rock guitar style is huge. Over the years his tone and unique approach to solo and ensemble playing has become synonymous with classic rock guitar. Steve has a way of playing that always enhances the track, elevates the vibe and puts a smile on my face.”

Bob Ezrin:
“In my opinion Steve Hunter is the greatest lyrical guitarist in America. His tone is majestic and his sense of melody is unrivaled.”

Alice Cooper:
‘I Am Made Of You’ “This is just the best solo ever, maybe on any of my albums.”

Jason Becker:

“Steve is a huge inspiration to me, both musically and as a person. His lessons made me a better guitarist and musician. His music has so much soul, it often brings tears to my eyes. He is a true artist. Some of the most fun times in my life were spent with him. I feel so lucky to know him.”

Robby Krieger:
“I met Steve years ago when we were both on the IRS run by Miles Copeland. We both had done solo records for the label. Miles had this great idea to have a label dedicated to guitarists only and it was called No speak… (no vocals) pretty cool. So we got a tour of Europe together for the guys on the label, i think the tour was called Night of the guitar. We had Alvin Lee, Steve Howe, Randy California to name a few. But I was always intrigued by Steve Hunters playing. He wasn’t a shredder so much as real tasty. I always loved to watch him do harmonics up high on the neck. But the main thing was that he was the nicest of all those guys, easy to hang with too. After about 20 years of not seeing each other , we met at an Alice Cooper rehearsal last year and caught up. Was great to see him and we got to jam together at the whiskey with Alices band. Thank you! ”