Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx on the 2022 Washington D.C. Concert: “You can see on our faces how much we loved this show” – The Stadium Tour

Nikki Sixx: Washington D.C 6.22.22

Right before our set was about to begin, we were forced to evacuate all the fans to a shelter in place. The stadium curfew was 11pm, so it wasn’t looking like we would go on.

Almost a solid hour passed with pouring rain and lightning, it was looking very likely we would have to reschedule the show. We were extremely bummed after waiting to play for so long.

At the last minute, we got the call – the show could go on! The fans came back in, and the energy and support were overwhelming by the time we hit the stage.

We could feel that special connection between the fans and the band and you can see on our faces how much we loved this show.

What an electric night – See you again Washington D.C.