Morrissey, “I foolishly allowed Germany’s Der Spiegel into my life” Trump, Kevin Spacey Comments

Morrissey has responded to criticism over remarks made by the singer during a recent interview with news magazine Der Spiegel. Morrissey blasted the German weekly claiming his views were not conveyed fairly and that “requests to Der Spiegel for an unchopped, un-fiddled-with audio of their interview” have been refused. Read the entire statement below.


“A few weeks ago I foolishly allowed Germany’s Der Spiegel into my life.  Since they eargerly flew from beloved Berlin to beloved Los Angeles in order to talk and laugh, I assumed a common understanding.

“Would I kill Donald Trump?  No, never.

“Would I support Kevin Spacey’s private proclivities? No, never.

“Would I ever support abuse of children?  No, never.

“Would I support sexual harrassment?  No, never.

“Would I support rape?  No, never.

“Would Der Spiegel convey my views fairly?  No, never.

“Would I ever again speak to print media?  No, never.

“In the world of music, as with politics, if you show any signs of being able to make a difference, you will be blocked, and you will have your arms tugged out from their sockets.  In the same world of music, if you have nothing to say, if your brain is a mental frost and if your pointless songs are the eyes of a dead fish, the your number 1 position awaits unasked, and your five-star reviews shall keep the press alive.  Music is eternity, and the call of 2018 is the time to be new and different.  But you must forget the print media who are infatuated with their own reflection and do not want yours.

“Be eggless and brainless and cloudy and crap, an they’ll usher you through like a little bag of dung.  Can you hear the wind between each ear?

“Meanwhile, our requests to Der Spiegel for an unchopped, un-fiddled-with audio of their interview with me has been refused.  Let that alone be your answer.


“11 December 2017”