Ann Wilson Hangs w/ Uli Jon Roth at Wacken Open Air 2022 – PHOTOS/VIDEO – COOL HISTORY – Heart – Scorpions

Ann Wilson:

It was great to see you at Wacken, Uli Jon Roth1!

đź“· by Criss Cain


Uli Jon Roth:

The pleasure was all mine, Ann! It was great meeting you! Hope to see you again soon. Safe travels!

From Tom Bukovac’s YouTube series, Homeskoolin. Tom plays guitar in Ann Wilson’s band.

501 chorusecho:

Well kids, the gig went great, we had a ball, thanks to anyone who watched the livestream.

They say “never meet your idols”….however in today’s case that saying is totally wrong.

I spotted Uli Jon Roth in the crowd from 300 yards away, absolutely knew it was him instantly. Turns out he came to the show today specifically to see Ann.

I invited him backstage to meet Ann afterwards and we all hung out for hours….absolutely LOVELY guy ….wickedly intelligent…extremely interesting and super fun to hang with…just an absolutely beautiful person.

Please enjoy him showing us one of the greatest electric guitar moments ever recorded….”Sails Of Charon” off the Scorpions “Taken By Force” LP.