Meet Blackie Lawless on the 2022 W.A.S.P. Tour – VIP TICKETS – VIDEO

W.A.S.P. Nation: Don’t miss your chance to meet Blackie Lawless, get your VIP tix today @ this location.

Darrell Roberts:

I am seeing a lot of posts from joyful, overwhelmed, excited WASP fans who are attending the meet and greet/Q&A sessions on their current tour…Call me an old sap, softie or whatever, but this makes me happy to see!

I constantly had an uncomfortable, anxious feeling in my stomach when I was on tour with them, and I would see fans waiting for hours (sometimes in rain or snow) to meet Blackie…and I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I’m not here to debate whether that was wrong or right…I’m just saying it makes me smile to see your posts and smiling faces meeting him (and Mike, Doug and Aquiles).

I remember being totally overwhelmed the first time I met Blackie…(and I wasn’t even a huge WASP fan at the time). He just had/has that vibe/aura about him. I know the paid “VIP” experience is controversial… have no interest in debating that. I’m just saying I am loving the posts! Keep’em coming,,,I wish they would have happened when I was there.