Laura Veirs to Reissue ‘Carbon Glacier,’ ‘Year of Meteors’ & ‘Saltbreakers’ on Vinyl/CD

Laura Veirs will reissue her complete Nonesuch catalog via her imprint Raven Marching Band on October 12th, 2018.  The albums will include Carbon Glacier, Year of Meteors and Saltbreakers and will be released on cd and limited edition colored vinyl with the first 100 copies of each release (vinyl and cd) being signed by Veirs


Laura Veirs:

Carbon Glacier is my wintry/ice album!
“Veirs’ first masterpiece.” – **** Uncut (Album of the Month)

Year of Meteors is my sky/outer space album!
“Like a latter-day Romantic poet, Veirs maps her feelings across the landscape and the cosmos.” – Critic’s Choice, New York Times

Saltbreakers is my salt/sea album!
“This remains at its essence an album of beguiling, rain-splashed intimacy.”
– Mojo

Carbon Glacier (2004)

1. Ether Sings
2. Icebound Stream
3. Rapture
4. Lonely Angel Dust
5. The Cloud Room
6. Wind Is Blowing Stars
7. Shadow Blues
8. Anne Bonny Rag
9. Snow Camping
10. Chimney Sweeping Man
11. Salvage A Smile
12. Blackend Anchor
13. Riptide

Year of Meteors (2005)

1. Fire Snakes
2. Galaxies
3. Secret Someones
4. Magnetized
5. Parisian Dream
6. Rialto
7. Through the Glow
8. Cool Water
9. Spelunking
10. Black Gold Blues
11. Where Gravity Is Dead
12. Lake Swimming
13. Magnetized Phone Call

Saltbreakers (2007)

1. Pink Light
2. Ocean Night Song
3. Don’t Lose Yourself
4. Drink Deep
5. Wandering Kind
6. Nightingale
7. Saltbreakers
8. To the Country
9. Cast a Hook in Me
10. Phantom Mountain
11. Black Butterfly
12. Wrecking