Julia Stone on Working with Rick Rubin, “Rick is such a viber”

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Angus & Julia Stone will release their new album, Snow, this Friday, September 15th. Culture Collide recently spoke with Julia about the forthcoming release and working with Rick Rubin, who co-produced the duo’s 2014 self-titled album. Excerpts from the interview have been posted below.

What’s your favorite song on Snow?
Julia Stone: I love the track “Nothing Else.” We were sitting out on the veranda as the sun was going down. I was playing the chords of the song and singing the chorus “nothing else to do here,” and Angus started playing on his Cigar Box bass. We found cool interlocking parts and then it grew out of that. It has a really peaceful feeling to it. Just like how it came to life.

What was it like working with Rick Rubin on the last record? Any particular moment that stands out?
JS: I remember many great moments with Rick. One of the last ones was after the record had been mixed and we were doing driving mixes. Rick was driving and I was lying on the back seat of his car. Angus was sitting up front, looking out to the ocean. Rick was flying up the Pacific coast highway towards Santa Barbara, all the windows open and the music blaring. He was moving his head to the music, and I remember looking at him, then at Angus and feeling so happy. Such awesome people.

What were the biggest take aways from that album and how did you apply those lessons on Snow?
JS: Rick is such a viber. He was really good at knowing when we had the take, and not overcooking a song. For instance, on “Death Defying,” we did a run through take of the song. I was just jamming it out when everyone was taking a break. I didn’t realize I was being recorded and the boys came in half way through and started playing. We finished the song and Rick said, “we’ve got it!” I thought he was joking. But he was right. We got it in the run through. It’s good to not over do things. A great philosophy for music: if it sounds good, it is good.

If you could get on a plane and go anywhere right now, where would it be?
JS: Mexico City without a doubt. After shooting the “Chateau” video there a couple of months ago, I could easily see myself living there. It is an incredible city. We had a party after the shoot and ended up in a club where they had a band playing salsa music until the early hours of the morning. We drank Mescal and danced. So many great memories over that week there — the music, the people, the food.

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