Jeff Scott Soto After Attending 2022 Yngwie Show: “I was kindly told as long as I am present, the show would be cancelled,” Malmsteen Responds: “Stop stalking me and get help!”

Jeff Scott Soto:

Hey my peeps, here’s a fun little diddy for ya! I went to the Canyon Club tonight, my local watering hole for the past 21 years, it’s like my Cheers where everybody knows my name…I actually went to see one of the support bands who were killer btw, I hesitated on going because my former ahem ‘boss’ was headlining but I was not planning to stay anyway…well, word got to him I was in the house and I was kindly told as long as I am present, the show would be cancelled… Now I’ve seen it all!

I left as planned but it’s kind of funny, I just had to share the ludicrousness (not a real word but seems to fit the detail) that continues in 2022, I laughed all the way home! I’m sure this will be shared like crazy but I couldn’t help but sharing it with you all, good times!

Yngwie Malmsteen:

Kids, don’t believe made up BS from people who are trying to stay relevant! ✌🏻 He’s not important for me to cancel my show to my fans. On the other hand I was told by my agent that he snuck in there without paying so the security threw him out ✌🏻😆

One last thing on the subject because I refuse to give any more energy to it. After almost 40 years – wrap your head around that number – 40 years this guy has slandered smeared made up stories to get media attention. Stop stalking me and get help!

Jeff Scott Soto:

I will put this to rest after clarifying a few things, God forbid ANYONE thinks I am trying to drum up press, especially by berating someone in the process.

I post my past on social media to celebrate and share the pride I have for my musical endeavors the past 4 decades. I don’t and don’t need to ride anyone’s coattails, stalk or trying to drum up press for myself, I have my music and the current things I partake in to do this. Everything else I share is a celebration, nothing more, nothing less.

I went out to a venue I frequent for the past 21 years, I have played this venue more times than I can remember or count and know all that have been and still there since I walked through those doors the 1st time in 2001. I have not ‘snuck in’ to a show since 1988 when I heard of an intimate jam Prince was throwing at an undisclosed location which I found out about and finally made it in 15 min before he was done playing. That said, if I have to sneak in to a venue or not pay to get into one for ANYONE, I simply would not even be near the building, I am 56, not 16!

Lastly, I went to this venue to see someone play who is very near and dear to me. When I found out who the headliner was, I decided it best not to go as I didn’t wanna ruffle any feathers in any way. Then I decided I will go but leave before said headliner begins as I had no interest in seeing that part of the evening anyway.

If anyone has been paying attention to interviews, award speeches and even my own social media where I have stated numerous times all I want in my life is peace, no enemies, no animosity ESPECIALLY with ANYONE in my past, they will know my intent is ONLY about leaving this planet with no water under the bridge. I extend olive branches, continue to celebrate my past with a positive spin and make sure everyone knows I wanna hug it out with anyone who has or has had any issue with me. If this is ‘sick’ then institutionalize me immediately!