Jack Russell & Don Dokken @ Whisky A Go Go – Great White “On Your Knees”

I’m not sure everyone can appreciate the monumental moment happening here, but I know you’re out there.  A reunion of sorts went down on February 3, 2017 at the Whisky A Go Go when Don Dokken joined Jack Russell on stage to sing the early Great White classic, “On Your Knees.”

Jack’s intro sums up the ’80s, “this was a love song in 1982.” It’s about halfway through the track that Don walks on stage.


Don Dokken was an essential player in Great White’s early history. He was listed as a producer on their first independent EP, Out of the Night(1983), as well as being credited with back up vocals and as a co-writer on the track “On Your Knees.”  The song was appeared on Out of the Night and was also re-recorded for their self-titled major label debut. There’s just something so raw and pure and so L.A. about Great White’s 1982-1984 era.  A great moment in history went down and I just wanted to acknowledge it. -DPJ

“No Way” from Out of the Night


Be sure to check out Jack’s latest album, He Saw it Comin’, available at iTunes & Amazon.com

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Article source: Full in Bloom Forum-2/6/17