Helix Vocalist Remembers 1985 Tour w/ W.A.S.P. & Krokus

Brian Vollmer’s flashback from 1985 : “Here are some shots (located below) from a tour we did back in the day with Krokus and W.A.S.P. –  These two bands HATED each other with a passion. The clip starts off with Marc Storace of Krokus and guitar player Fernando von Arb talking about how they are going to f**k over W.A.S.P. (they were the headliner on this tour through California) The clip ends with W.A.S.P. coming offstage to their dressing rooms, with Chris Holmes eating his snot and flashing his ass at the camera.

“It’s too bad they didn’t get along ‘cos both bands were great. This was the ORIGINAL W.A.S.P. we were playing with on this particular tour. Blackie had an amazing voice and I loved that first W.A.S.P. album. Ditto for Krokus: Storace used to do “Screaming in the Night” at soundcheck. That was a song up there where only dogs could hear…LOL.

“It was on this tour that Chewey (Chris Holmes’ nickname cos he looked like Chewbacca from Star Wars) asked if he could come in our dressing room and have a smoke. (Blackie didn’t allow smoking in their dressing room) Chris started talking about his cat, who only had one eye. He told us they got really f**ked up at parties and put different colored M&Ms in the empty eye socket.

“You can’t make this stuff up!”

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