Exodus: ‘Pleasures of the Frets’ Tab Book

On October 17, 2017, Pleasures Of The Frets: The Guitar Anthology, a guitar tab and notation eBook featuring 12 songs from the band Exodus, will be available. All songs have been transcribed, note-for-note, from the original recordings by Exodus guitarist Kragen Lum. Presented in 2 guitar formats so you can learn to play every song in the book just as Gary Holt, Rick Hunolt and Lee Altus played them on the albums. The book also includes a foreword by Exodus/Slayer guitarist Gary Holt. 290 pages. Digital eBook in PDF format.


Message from Exodus:
“The Exodus “Pleasures Of The Frets” guitar books have arrived! All digital orders have shipped. Kragen is currently processing all of the physical book and deluxe package orders, starting with those placed first, and hope to get about 2/3 done and out the door today. Please bear with him as there are a lot of orders and the process for packing and shipping is slow, especially for international orders (customs forms in triplicate are required!). he is doing his best to get them out quickly but also ensure that the books arrive safely by adding cardboard backing and packaging them tightly. After that, it’s up to the USPS and international mail services. All US packages are being shipped via Media Mail (book rate) and all international packages via Priority Mail International. Every package has tracking so that you can track its progress. Please allow up to 10 days for your package to arrive once you receive your shipment notification.

“Many thanks to everyone that already placed an order. For anyone that would like to place an order, the books are in stock now and ready to ship now. There are still have a very small number of deluxe packages available as well but t-shirt sizes are limited. Visit shop.sublevelrecords.com for more info and to place an order!”

Songs Included:
A Lesson In Violence
The Ballad Of Leonard And Charles
Blood In Blood Out
Bonded By Blood
Children Of A Worthless God
Fabulous Disaster
Pleasures Of The Flesh
Scar Spangled Banner
Strike Of The Beast
The Toxic Waltz
War Is My Shepherd

Message from Exodus (10/14/17):
“T-shirts for the deluxe edition of the Exodus “Pleasures Of The Frets” guitar book have arrived and they look killer! We now have the shirts and the picks ready to ship. Kragen should receive the books themselves on Tuesday as scheduled so everything will ship out next week. Those who pre-ordered the digital edition will receive a new download link on Tuesday as well.”

– Are all of the rhythms for the songs included? YES
– Are all of the leads for the songs included? YES
– Are the harmonies for the leads included? YES
– Are all of Gary’s whammy bar parts notated? YES
– Are the tunings for the songs shown? YES
– Are the songs notated from the original album recordings? YES
– I can’t read standard notation. Are the TABs included too? YES
– Why didn’t you include (insert favorite song here)? EXODUS HAS TOO MANY GREAT SONGS TO CHOOSE FROM!
– How big is the book? 8.5″ X 11″
– Is the book heavy? YES
– Will you (Kragen) sign my copy of the book? YES. ALL PRE-ORDERED COPIES WILL BE SIGNED.
– Will this book help me play more like Gary, Lee and Rick? YES
– Will this book make me as cool as Gary, Lee and Rick? MAYBE. BUT REALLY NO ONE IS AS COOL AS RICK.

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