Eddie Van Halen’s Gibson SG Used on “Dirty Movies” from ‘Fair Warning’ – 2022 – COOL AS CHIT HISTORY

Wolfgang Van Halen:

Pop played this SG on the slide part in Dirty Movies on Fair Warning. He loved the tone, but the lower horn of the guitar kept getting in the way… so he sawed it off.

…and you’ll hear it on the next Mammoth album 😊

Eddie Van Halen:

“Fair Warning is kind of a dark album. We started doing things my way, and we all kind of butted heads – me versus them. I remember sneaking down in the studio around four o’clock in the morning with Donn (Landee) and re-recording things the way I wanted them to be.

“The next day, they walked in and said, ‘Hey, that’s great! When did you do that?’ It was kind of a cheap thing to do, but I had to do something to get what I wanted.”

Michael Anthony on the ‘Fair Warning’ era:

There were times where Ed would spend a lot of time in the studio, him and Donn Landee. Sometimes they would even pull all-nighters or stay up for like two to three days. The thing that was starting to grow between us and Roth would eventually come to a head during the 1984 tour. That, plus the fact that Ted Templeman wanting to remake some songs and Ed wanting to do his own thing.

On Valerie Bertinelli:

You could always feel the tension in the room when those two (Roth & Bertinelli) were talking to each other. I mean, they got along, you could tell, and I know Dave was doing it for Ed’s sake. He didn’t want any tension within the band, but you could tell that something wasn’t right there.

Plus, Valerie, she’s very opinionated and very strong-willed. If she didn’t think something was right, like if Dave was wearing something, she’d go, “Yeah, I don’t think that looks right; you ought to tell Dave.”

Up to that point, we had been pretty passive with Dave as far as a lot of things concerning the band; the interviews and stuff like that. All of a sudden, Ed was going like, “Hey, Dave I don’t think…” blah, blah, blah. Dave knew that Valerie was a part of that, and I think that made the tension even worse.