Dokken “Alone Again” Released This Week in 1985 – VIDEO – INTERVIEW – The full in bloom Chronicles

RIP Magazine: This week in 1985, Dokken released “Alone Again,” the third and final single from their sophomore album, Tooth and Nail. Thanks to a strong show of support from MTV that year, the track spent 14 weeks on the Mainstream Rock chart (peaking at #20), and 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 (peaking at #64). The success of the single also gave Tooth and Nail a considerable boost in sales, pushing it up to #49 on the Billboard 200 while en route to a platinum certification. And, because it was released after the supporting tour for T&N had come to a close, it undoubtedly gave Dokken the momentum they needed to begin recording Under Lock And Key later that year. 🤘

Don Dokken originally wrote the song in the mid-’70s. He recorded it on a cassette, and it stayed in a closet for nearly a decade. Don rediscovered the song during the Tooth and Nail recording sessions and reworked the track with bassist Jeff Pilson in the studio.

Don Dokken:

People ask me all the time, ‘Who did you write it about?’ I don’t know. ‘Was it about a girlfriend?’ I don’t know! I just wrote it. My memory’s not that good.”

Don Dokken Talks About “Alone Again” w/ full in bloom:

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