Jimmy Page on Led Zeppelin’s ‘Physical Graffiti,’ “It is a phenomenal album, so it needed a phenomenal package, in a very dominant fashion”

Jimmy Page: On this day, in 1975, Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin was released 🤘

Most of the titles were recorded with the Headley Grange experience; for example, the drums for Kashmir were recorded in the hall – the same location as When The Levee Breaks.

It was an ambitious cover but then so was the music. I had contacted John Kosh Associates and was dealing with Peter Corriston; the idea of having the building was put to them, having the windows that would show various images appearing in them depending on how you replaced the internal parts, the albums, and the information sleeves.

It was an idea that was a direct follow-on for me from the third album, where we had a wheel with information that showed up in various cut-outs. However, all of the detail was never shown in those windows so on this I wanted to be really precise.

This time there were some marvelous images to include in those windows. I think this cover is absolutely extraordinary, and they just really delivered the most amazing package. It was a wonderful graphic image. A lot of people say it’s their favorite album because they get to access so many areas and moods within the group. It is a phenomenal album, so it needed a phenomenal package, in a very dominant fashion.
Swipe (BELOW) to explore the original artwork for the album cover taken by legendary photographer Elliott Erwitt, as featured in the official Led Zeppelin book – out now on ReelArtPress.