Death: Chuck Schuldiner’s Personal Items Up for Sale

Chuck Schuldiner’s nephew, Chris Steele, is selling several of the Death frontman’s personal items.  Pictures and links to the auctions can be found below.

Up for Grabs:

Chuck Schuldiner’s all access artist pass from Club Citta in Japan at this location.

Hand written lyrics by Chuck Schuldiner at this location.
Lyrics appear to be written during the writing process for the Death album, Symbolic.

Chuck Schuldiner/Richard Christy Autographed Drumhead. (Death Control Denied) at this location.

Chuck Schuldiner’s All Access Artist Pass From Dynamo Open Air Festival at this location.
The concert took place in Eindhoven on May 31, 1998

Chris says he stands by the authenticity of the items and will provide a personalized COA upon request.  He also posted the following statement…

Chris Steele:

“This is going to serve as a blanket statement of sorts to some of you out there that have been angry/upset with my auctions over the past year or so. When someone you love leaves this world you don’t only inherit the heartache and tragedy but also all of the physical possessions that represented their day to day life. The larger their life was the more you inherit, and boy did Chuck have a large life. As life goes on and you get older you begin to realize how holding onto these physical possessions of a loved one that has since passed doesn’t and will never bring this person back or even come close to replacing the precious memories that you’ve accumulated with said person, it doesn’t even serve as a therapeutic tool in my case at least. I am currently in the throws of trying to figure out how to secure the future of an aging family member near and dear to all of us (including chuck) and rest assured if he knew or possibly knows that he in some way was able to help he would be on board.

“I totally respect tasteful opinions on this matter and even find humor in some of the jokes (are you going to sell his underwear next?) but to paint this picture of me as just a money hungry piece of shit making money off of my dead uncles name just simply isn’t the case. Hopefully this post added a human element to all of this and maybe helped change a few minds. Thank you all so very much for your continued support of the legacy of my uncle. I wish all of you the very best.”


Chuck Schuldiner was the frontman, lead guitarist and principal songwriter for Death, a band considered one of the originators of the death metal sound. His influence on death metal was substantial, earning him the nickname “Father of Death Metal”. Following his death in December 2001, Kerrang! Magazine wrote of this : “Chuck Schuldiner was one of the most significant figures in the history of metal.” Schuldiner wrote nearly every song on seven albums with Death between 1987 and 1998 before turning his attention to Control Denied, a progressive heavy metal band he started. He also played guitar on the 1994 Voodoocult album, Jesus Killing Machine, which also featured legendary Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.