Dave Grohl to Justin Hawkins at Taylor Hawkins Tribute: “If Brian (Johnson) tells you to do something, you fu**ing do it” – AC/DC – 2022 – The Darkness

Justin Hawkins:

10 minutes before the AC/DC segment of the tribute, Brian Johnson asked me to come up and sing the second verse of Back In Black. I initially refused, I’ve never sung it before, and I didn’t want it to seem like I was gatecrashing. However, Brian really was insistent, and Dave Grohl told me that “if Brian tells you to do something, you fu**ing do it”.

I had Rufus pull up the lyrics on his phone and I gave it a go, but in all honesty, I think Brian just wanted to create a memorable spontaneous moment and have a laugh so he could really push on and smash the rest of his set. The stage manager scrambled to prepare a microphone for me, but I didn’t know which one I was supposed to take, and I ended up having to steal Brian’s, which looked a bit awkward 😂.

Brian Johnson is an absolute legend and Dave was right, I couldn’t turn it down.

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