Megadeth w/ Kerry King of Slayer @ Rehearsal in Los Angeles (1984)

David Ellefson: “This photo taken at Curly Joes rehearsal facility downtown Los Angeles in early 1984 shows Me, Dave (Mustaine), Lee Rausch on drums and Kerry King on guitar. We had a mutual love for our B.C. Rich guitars….Kerry and I had Mockingbirds and Dave with his Rich Bich. Fun fact: At the third show of our debut trip to the San Francisco Bay Area in February, 1984 (likely after this photo was taken) Dave broke a string on his main Bich guitar during the set and used Kerry’s red Mockingbird pictured here as his backup. A photo of that incident can be seen on the MEGADETH Anthology album cover where Dave is pictured with this red Mockingbird. Back in Slayer a few months later, Kerry would soon splatter black paint on this red guitar and installed a Kahler Tremolo on it, ironically an accessory that became an iconic part of his signature whammy bar solos!”