Damien Jurado Mystic Theater Marmarth, ND – 50 State Tour

Damien Jurado:

“this photo taken from the last show in marmarth, north dakota, inside the mystic theater. i left marmarth that evening wondering how much longer the town would be there. would i have the chance to come back and play the theater again. i was informed by a man at the towns only existing bar and restaurant, that the population of marmarth is now at 80. in 2014, according to the american national census, it was at 143. strange as it may sound, next to having the great privilege of performing last year in london’s royal albert hall, i was just as privileged to play in the mystic theater. sometimes as a writer, the characters, and towns that you dream about, one day show up in real life to say hello. it happened here this night in marmarth, as well as other towns and stops, that i have found myself in on this journey. life is getting louder. i see myself as being one who continually adds to this noise. the hashtags, and trending topics. i get lost, and lose my perspective. i forget what all of this is about. why i am here, and the reason i do all of this in the first place. i don’t like the term “flyover states.” i find it to be a great misrepresentation, and disservice to the people, and communities that i have found on this journey. i have been blessed to be the recipient of great talent, knowledge, grace, and generosity. life is about people. connection. conversation, and community. i look forward to meeting more of you in the months ahead. i thank you for showing up with me.”

Damien Jurado recently launched his unorthodox 50 State Tour that sees the musician perform in standard venues, churches, community centers, art spaces and possibly at someone’s home.