Butch Walker Talks Pedalboard – Guitar Pedals

Butch Walker: Comin In here to post a pic of my pedalboard from the last year of shows I’ve done (fellow guitar nerds been askin’?). It’s never fancy or pretty, but it’s good sounding stuff. I’m always envious of the pedalboards that have 94 pedals crammed into a beautiful custom walnut wood board, with absolutely no cables showing at all. But let’s be real here.. i wreck shit onstage. This is why i can’t have nice things, apparently. Also that’s the difference between a “guitar player” onstage and a “singer that also plays guitar” onstage. My big ass, clumsy feet turn 30 buttons on at once if i have them too close together, and i also can’t look at my pedals while signing or I’ll literally fall down (singer vertigo or something). I’m currently building a smaller board that is gonna be SIMPLE AND DOPE, consisting of a TC Electronic tuner, JHS Pedal ЯR signature overdrive (by yours truly), and a Line 6 HX Stomp (it’s gonna be amazing)! Will report back in to post pics and vids of that working when i get all the parts i need to complete that little bad boy. Pictured here are:TC Electronic tuner,JHS Pedal compressor and ЯR signature pedal, WayHuge overdrive, Jim Dunlop MXR echoplex, carbon copy delay, reverb, and stereo chorus… That big red thing is my Audio Sprockets Tone Dexter acoustic guitar system that is THE TRUTH when it comes to plugging your acoustic into a sound system.