Brian May “Driven By You” VIDEO – REMASTERED – Steve Vai – ‘Back to Light’ Album – 2021 – Cozy Powell

Queen: Watch the Brian May video of his classic single ‘DRIVEN BY YOU’ ahead of the remastered Back To The Light album!

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Brian May announces re-release and new music video of his classic single ‘DRIVEN BY YOU’ ahead of remastered Back To The Light album. “The song Freddie Mercury generously gave his blessing to be my solo track.” Released on June 25, 2021. Brian May’s first solo hit, and the unforgettable TV ad it was made for, came from the most unlikely of origins. ‘Driven By You’ is, without doubt, one of rock’s most rousing and lasting anthems. Originally written for a Ford car television commercial, the solo track was a worldwide hit when it first debuted as a single off May’s 1992 ‘Back To The Light’ album. But the unforgettable song had its beginnings oceans away from the open roads of the UK countryside that were framed in that TV ad.

Originally released in November 1991, ‘Driven By You’ saw success worldwide including reaching No 6 on the UK Singles Chart and No 9 on the US Billboard Album Rock Chart. Re-released to download on June 25 ahead of the forthcoming re-mastered reissue of May’s “Back To The Light” album on August 6, the reissue of the track comes with a scorching new 30th Anniversary video edit. The performance was originally filmed when the Queen legend sang the track live for the first time at the 1991 Guitar Legends concert in Seville, Spain, and during his 1992 South America tour.