Brandi M, Charm School, Rock of Love, Brandi Mahon, VH1, Reality shows – Poison’s Bret Michaels – Interview

VH1 Reality Star
Brandi M.

full in bloom: What’s new? Anything going on you’d like to tell our readers about?

Brandi: I have been doing some charity events, and appearances, and have some top-secret events in progress. Other than that, having fun and enjoying life.

full in bloom: What have you been up to since winning Charm School?

Brandi: After Charm School, I started working at the Hard Rock and I loved it, took care of a lot of debt and my family. Traveled a lot.

full in bloom: Describe a typical day in the life of Brandy M.

Brandi: Single day of Brandi M…. every day is so different from another. Sometimes it’s pool parties in Vegas. Being stuck in airports. I go to the gym a lot and I wakeboard, it can take me a whole day to even clean my house.

full in bloom: What was growing up in Buffalo like for you?

Brandi: Growing up in Buffalo was COLD, lol it was great I have the bestest family and friends there. We would drive to Toronto all the time or NYC. Play in the snow or in the summer go to the beach. I love Buffalo and always will.

full in bloom: What were some of the jobs you had before getting involved with VH1 reality shows?

Brandi: I did hair for 7 years and I actually had a security guard job for hockey games. Bartended for 10yrs. When I moved to Vegas, I danced for a couple of months. Then I did a show and after the show, I started bartending and waitressing in Vegas.

Rock of Love – Bret Michaels

full in bloom: How did you get involved with Rock of Love?

Brandi: I was at a nightclub in Vegas with some friends in town from Buffalo and I got approached by a casting agent and she said I would be perfect for this new show coming up. At first, I didn’t believe her, but I am so glad I went to the interview, and they loved me as I loved them and that’s how my crazy tv life started.

full in bloom: What are some of the things you enjoyed most about doing Rock of Love?

Brandi: Getting to live in a mansion with Bret Michaels and getting to know him as a person. Free food and alcohol and my motocross gear, doing challenges and of course to be on TV, hahaha.

full in bloom: Was there anything you hated?

Brandi: Waking up with a camera in your face, being mic’d while you go to the bathroom, basically no privacy. Plus having to live with Brandi C., thank God I didn’t have to live with Megan… YET

full in bloom: What was your overall impression of Bret Michaels?

Brandi: Big heart and huge soul, he is very peaceful to be around. I loved how I could always be myself around him and he never judged me, just laughed at me and with me.

full in bloom: Is it true that Bret Michaels has an array of Styrofoam wig heads/stands and each one has a wig with a different bandana on it?  Can you confirm the rumor?

Brandi: That rumor is so NOT TRUE. He may love his bandanas but that’s his style. He has his own hair and it’s fabulous…your sources are so wrong.

full in bloom: What memory stands out the most when thinking of Bret Michaels nowadays?

Brandi: His favorite line: “what’s a going on?”, and his beautiful blue eyes and always his bandana and cowboy hat.

full in bloom: Do any of the girls receive any money for appearing on Rock of Love? How did you pay your bills during that time?

Brandi: Yes, VH1 tells you to take care of your bills while you’re away, and you get an allowance, just depends on funding for the show. VH1 takes very good care of us when we film, they get us whatever we want, except sex toys, hehehehe.

full in bloom: Tell us about leaving the show.

Brandi: I wasn’t eliminated. After getting so drunk, puking on Bret, and telling him I loved him cuz I was so hammered I didn’t realize what I was saying, lol. The next day I tried talking to him about it and he wouldn’t listen to me, so I started to realize I didn’t have feelings for him in the ‘love’ way, just wanted to be friends, so at elimination, I told him I wanted to go home and not waste his time at finding his girl. (At the time) he was very upset with me but now we are great friends.

full in bloom: How do you feel about vomiting in your hand on national tv?

Brandi: I puked in a napkin at the table because I couldn’t move my chair to get out of there, so the only thing I could do was grab my napkin and hope it holds it. It doesn’t bother me that it happened because it was some funny shit. I laughed for hours when I saw it, but I will say this: I don’t get that drunk anymore, just a little buzzed.

Rock of Love – Heather

full in bloom: I was watching a very old episode of the Surreal life, the one with Vanilla Ice. At some point, they bring in a stripper for Vanilla, and for whatever reason, he got very mad about it. Then the cameras rolled over to the stripper, and it was Heather from Rock of Love. This was years before the show. What’s the deal? Does she have a family friend who works for VH1?

Brandi: Yes, it was Heather. Not sure how she got it, but she has always had her heart set on becoming famous one day. We all know that she used to dance in Vegas but is now filming for tv and doing great… you go girl! A lot of times, when anyone in production needs a stripper for a role for anything, they will come to Vegas and go to the clubs and find what they need or put ads in the paper and hold auditions with ‘stripper experience needed.’

Charm School

full in bloom: How did you become involved with Charm School?

Brandi: Since I was the burping, farting, puking hot mess on Rock of Love they decided I needed to pay attention and so they shipped me off to Charm School.

full in bloom: Do you feel you gained anything from the show? If so, what?

Brandi: I did gain a great deal from Charm School. First, I learned to listen to others and not be selfish. I stopped burping and farting in public places, I now know I have to excuse myself and go to the bathroom like a lady. I made a great friendship with the lovely Sharon Osbourne, and other Rock of Love girls I hadn’t met. I learned to love and cherish myself and my life. The bonus was I got $100,000 for being a bad, wild girl who changed into an honest, strong, loving woman.

full in bloom: What was your overall impression of Sharon Osbourne? Any stories stand out?

Brandi: At first, I was a little scared of her, but once I got to know her, I looked up to her and I have the utmost respect for her and everything she has been through and has done. A story that stands out to me is her private life stories she told me which are still going to be PRIVATE.

Riki Rachtman

full in bloom: How gay is Riki Rachtman to be around?

Brandi: He is NO WAY near gay. He fucking rocks and him and I have always gotten along because we are both very honest people. You may think he could’ve been a dick to some of the girls, but it’s because they probably deserved it. I get along great with him and his beautiful wife. They are such an amazing couple.

full in bloom: What was your reaction to the altercation between Megan and Sharon Osbourne at the reunion show?

Brandi: My jaw hit the floor. Megan deserved it, and I swear Megan is lucky I wasn’t up there cuz she would have had a real injury. I was glad Sharon was okay, though.

full in bloom: What have you done with your prize money so far? Have you spent it already?

Brandi: I purchased a car, gave my family some, paid some debt, and helped friends out when they needed it. Moved into a cute apartment. Went to the Sundance Film festival, donated money to Brandon Bond and Tina for all their dedication to saving pit bulls, watch his documentary “Victory of the Underdog”. My money helped pay to feed and care for a lot of pit bulls. $100,000 can go real fast.

full in bloom: What are your fondest memories from your foray into VH1 reality shows?

Brandi: Meeting Bret Michaels and Big John. Going moto crossing, farting on Lacey, meeting Sharon Osbourne, Riki Rachtman, and Daniela Clark. Trying caviar, designing a sweatshirt for Ed Hardy, and getting a second chance at life by winning the money; also having the chance to work with 51 minds (casting company) and VH1, they are so amazing. Thank you, 51 minds and VH1.

full in bloom: Did you develop any lasting friendships during your reality tv career?

Brandi: I have. I am best friends with Cathrine Brown from ROL 2, Roxy from ROL 2, Jes and Magadalina from my season; oh, and I can’t forget Rodeo, Inna from ROL 2, and Daisy of Love, she’s so cute.

full in bloom: Is there anybody you’ve met that you would never want to see again?

Brandi: I would love to never have to see MEGAN HUSSERMAN and Brandi C… EEEWwwwww, they are such tards!


full in bloom: What is your most disgusting habit?

Brandi: Smoking cigarettes.

full in bloom: What is the most masculine thing you do?

Brandi: Hmmmm, I can change my own oil on my car and my tires since I had to in Vegas. Funny story: I got a flat tire and I got to a gas station. Out of 4 guys I asked to help, not one could change my tire, so I pulled the spare out and my jack and tire iron and got to work. One lug nut was very hard to loosen, so there I am jumping on the tire iron and, jackpot, got it off. When I was done changing my tire, I looked like I worked in a coal mine. I also go gun shooting, wakeboarding, and I motocross.

full in bloom: If there is a God, what is the first question you would ask God when you arrive?

Brandi: WTF? Why was life so hard? Can I rest now?

full in bloom: Greatest Rock band of all time?

Brandi: The Rolling Stones

full in bloom: What were you doing 40 minutes before you sat down to do this interview?

Brandi: Swimming in my pool.