Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows: “If you think Ticketmaster sets the price of tickets, you’re wrong – the artist does” – 2022 – Taylor Swift – DOJ – Pricing

M. Shadows:

If you think Ticketmaster sets the price of tickets… you’re wrong – the artist does.

If the supply is 52 stadiums but the demand is 900 stadiums (per NYT’s) you don’t automatically deserve a ticket because you are a fan. Demand exceeded supply!

Per dynamic pricing…. Artists have watched front row tickets go for 10x-20x face value from scalpers but see none of the upside. Ask yourself if that is fair. It may suck… but is it fair?

Leave it to grandstanding politicians to get involved in something they know nothing about…. And leave it to artists to shrug their shoulders and point the blame.