Alex Skolnick, “Please Read Up On The Privacy Implications For FaceApp”

Alex Skolnick:  “Omg, here’s this “aging” app and the result is absolutely HORRIBLE!!! ? Let’s hope I don’t end up looking like this one day…HELP!!! ? haha actual unaltered pic, fairly recent (? @evelyn.steinweg.photographie)Obviously kidding but…IN ALL SERIOUSNESS – A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Please read up on the privacy implications for #faceapp. The creators sound up to no good. It’s very fishy, similar to those info gathering games (ie “Which GOT character are you?” “Which Star Is Wars character are you” etc, all of which manipulated folks to gain your personal information for ads at best, political disinformation at worse – also based in St Pete Russia, same as the “troll farm”). Not to spoil anyone’s fun here, but this sounds suspiciously similar and I’m not going to use it. Swipe for snippets from #washingtonpost reporting. And whatever you do: USE PROTECTION! For your Privacy that is (as well as other things) ?”