BMG Launches Venture to Promote Newer Artists Online

BMG, in a partnership with Canada’s BroadbandTV Corp., is launching a new venture called Windfall, designed to promote new and upcoming musical acts online. The venture will benefit from BMG’s rights management, song publishing and distribution services, as well as BroadbandTV’s expertise in producing, distributing and monetizing online video content. The service aims to earn money for newer artists through a number of revenue streams including online video ads, branded entertainment deals, digital downloads and broader physical distribution than is typically available to unsigned acts. Artists will also be heavily featured on BroadbandTV’s Opposition and WIMSIC networks on YouTube.

BMG CEO Hartwig Masuch noted that the time is right for Windfall, as YouTube has become the world’s number one source for music fans to find new artists. “With online video emerging as a breeding ground for new talent, our partnership with BroadbandTV brings an innovative new offering to the market, creating an artist-friendly suite of online video services which we believe will be a game-changer,” Masuch added. Both BMG and BroadbandTV said they will invest in the artists that join Windfall, helping to develop them even as they bring them to larger and larger audiences.