Vinnie Vincent Interview KISS Expo 2018 Atlanta

Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent is at the Atlanta KISS Expo 2018 this weekend. In the clip above, Eddie Trunk interviews Vincent.

Vinnie Vincent replaced original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley in 1982, after playing guitar on six of the nine tracks on the band’s Creatures of the Night album.  Initially uncredited for his guitar work, he also co-wrote (as Vincent Cusano) their hit single “I Love It Loud” as well as two other tracks, “I Still Love You” and “Killer.”  He performed with the band on the Creatures of the Night – 10th Anniversary tour and was the last member to wear a unique makeup/costume configuration, as the character of “Ankh Warrior.” The guitarist also has the distinction of being in KISS when the band decided to finally shed their makeup for their next album, Lick It Up.   Credited as a co-writer on 8 of the album’s 10 tracks, including their hit singles, “All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose” and the title track, Vincent’s songwriting on Lick it Up helped rejuvenate the group’s career, giving them their first platinum album since 1980’s Unmasked.