VIDEO: John Petrucci @ Mesa Boogie Tone Summit Talks / Demos JP-2C

The first in a series of videos documenting Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci and Mesa Boogie’s Director of R & D, Doug West at The Guitar Sanctuary Performance Hall discussing all things tone, amps, guitars and gear, and the inside design story behind the JP-2C.

In the video below, John talks about the three main sounds he uses and does some improvisation to demonstrate a variety of tones from the JP-2C.

Doug talks JP-2C design and what it was like working alongside Mesa Boogie founder & designer, Randall Smith, to develop the most accurate re-issue of the famed Mark IIC+ circuit in the JP-2C.

Mesa Boogie collaborated with John Petrucci to bring back the beloved Mark II C+ amplifier in a more modernized form: the JP-2C amp head. Essentially a C+ reissue, the JP-2C contains the same big transformer and the same circuitry but with 21st-century updates geared towards the live performer. With three different lead channels, including one clean and two lead, 2 distinct EQs, and even MIDI capabilities, the JP-2C amp head is a truly singular amplifier that functions both as a reissue and as something completely unique.