VIDEO: Helix Vocalist Brian Vollmer Prepares for New Solo Album

Helix vocalist Brian Vollmer recently began pre-production on his forthcoming solo effort “GET YER HANDS DIRTY”. Vollmer is working with producer / engineer Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace, Skillet, the Tragically Hip, Barenaked Ladies) who will also handle drum duties on the record. The rest of the core band is rounded out by Sean Kelly (Crash Kelly) on guitars and Helix bassist Daryl Gray.

“On Monday I began pre-production for my solo CD “GET YER HANDS DIRTY”, Vollmer states. “The first single will be the title track, on which I’ll be alternating lines with DANKO JONES. Cheryl Lescom will also be singing some back-up vocals and Matt Weidinger is playing keyboards. There also might be some horns on one of the tracks. The disc will be 9 cover songs & two original tracks. The cover songs are lesser known tunes that I’ve listened to over the years, and which I’ve always thought were great tracks regardless of whether or not they were big hits at the time.”

Make sure to read our old school full in bloom music interview with Helix vocalist Brian Vollmer. I believe our interview with Vollmer was one of our very first, conducted over a decade ago.