UAD 2 A/DA Flanger Tutorial – David Gilmour – Pink Floyd

In the video below, Pro Tools expert James Ivey takes a look at the new UAD A/DA Flanger plug-in, comparing the slightly grainier sounding 1979 model with the 2009 reissue unit. James mimics several Pink Floyd effects and riffs in this plug-in overview. Watch the video below.

Revered as “the Holy Grail of Flangers,” the A/DA Flanger took on mythical status in the late ’70s and early ’80s with its deep and colorful brand of analog flanging. Equal parts extreme, musical, and versatile, the A/DA Flanger is easily the most intense sounding pedal flanger ever made.

Developed by Brainworx, and officially endorsed by A/DA and its founder Dave Tarnowski, the A/DA Flanger plug-in is an exacting emulation of this iconic unit, exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and UA Audio Interfaces.

Mythic Modulation
Powered by the Panasonic MN3010 bucket-brigade circuit, the A/DA Flanger delivers everything from faux steel drum sounds to ultra-wide, slow, arcing contour for unmatched texture and resonance. And while most flangers offer a 20:1 time delay ratio, the A/DA Flanger offers a whopping 40:1 ratio. “When it sweeps up, it sounds like it sweeps to zero time delay,” says creator Dave Tarnowski. “It actually goes to infinity, which is what true tape flanging sounds like.”

Infinite Horizons
The A/DA Flanger plug-in also captures the original’s unique feature set. Heady functions like the built-in noise gate, along with the Even/Odd Harmonics switch and the Threshold control — which makes the effect more dynamic the harder the input source — the A/DA Flanger plug-in emulates the original’s expressive, mind-bending possibilities.