Tony Macalpine Master Course Offered @ 25% Discount Today

Jamplay is offering their Master Course, “Tony MacAlpine’s Signature Leads”, taught by the virtuoso himself, at a 25% discount. Featuring 30 lessons, with step-by-step breakdowns and detailed explanations, Tony dissects 30 of his favorite motifs, lead lines, and solos from his 30-year history, and breaks them down step-by-step in an easy-to-digest manner. Offered in 1080p quality and supplemented with guitar notation, tab and a master PDF, the course is now available, for a limited time, at a 25% discount – this location.

Tony covers:

Lead Composition
Writing Motifs and Lines
Developing Melody and Harmony
Legato and Embellishments
Answering Advanced Techniques
Step-by-Step Exercises
and much, much more…
Signature Styles
From “Edge of Insanity” to “Concrete Gardens, Tony takes you on a wild ride exploring licks that continue to push musical boundaries.

Purchase this course and own it for life. Save videos and tabs to all of your devices with no subscription or additional purchase required.

All Files, All Content
Save all files with full supplemental material to make your practice sessions more effective. You will receive:

30 Lessons, 6+ hours of video
Video files in 1080p Quality
Notation and Tabs (PDF, Guitar Pro)
Backing Tracks and MP3s
Practice Exercises and Examples
Master Course PDF
1080p Video
Our lessons are filmed in 4k with 6 cameras for accurate, beauitful video quality and delivered to you in 1080p, MP4 video. Accessible on any phone, tablet, or desktop computer.