The Vinnie Paul Estate Auction – PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN, HELLYEAH ITEMS – 2022

Backstage Auctions: The Vinnie Paul Estate Auction – Historical on so many levels. Backstage Auctions is proud and excited to welcome you to the Vinnie Paul Estate Auction, featuring nearly 700 lots of impressive collectibles, mementos, and personal items. More info @ this location.

Auction Starts: Thursday, May 26th, 2022
Auction Ends: Sunday, June 5th, 2022

Among the many highlights are several drum kits from his Pantera, Damageplan and Hellyeah tours including the kit he played last, a collection of guitars, including a vintage Dimebag Darrell Washburn, custom slot machines, every imaginable record award, clothing, artwork, autographed items, home furnishings, photos, posters, and just about every laminated pass ever issued to Vinnie Paul. Additionally, Vinnie was a huge hockey, football and baseball fan, leaving behind a massive collection of sports memorabilia with a heavy emphasis on his hometown heroes: The Dallas Stars, The Dallas Cowboys and The Texas Rangers. Highlight pieces include an array of autographed sports collectibles, seats from the original Dallas Cowboys stadium, hockey sticks, helmets, and a massive amount of jerseys.

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