The Dead Daisies “Face Your Fear” NEW SONG/VIDEO Premiere – 2022 – Glenn Hughes, Brian Tichy, Doug Aldrich

The Dead Daisies:

Check out our new video for ‘FACE YOUR FEAR’!🚀🚀

In celebration of our upcoming US fall shows, we’re unleashing our new straight up driving rock track ‘Face Your Fear’ from the upcoming album ‘RADIANCE’.

“This song is about making peace with your personal fears and not fighting its grip. The intense groove and two chord simplicity is a great Album opener!” – Glenn Hughes

Hook driven by Doug and David’s dual guitars, Brian’s monstrous beats and Glenn’s rock-solid bass and unmatched vocal intensity ‘Face Your Fear’ is going to rock your socks off!

“Hey everyone! Our newest single, ‘Face Your Fear’ is out now! It’s another slab of in-your-face rock, Daisies style! We hope you all dig it! Looking forward to playing this live!” – Brian Tichy