Steve Vai Personal Gear Collection Up for Sale and Techno Empire have teamed up to sell a bunch of items from guitarist Steve Vai’s personal gear collection.

Techno Empire says the items are “part of a small cache of gear that Steve was clearing out of his studio and touring rig. Just like all musicians one has to thin the herd or make way for new gear for the next round of touring and music making. In this situation, with the help of our friends at Reverb, you can own a few things from Steve’s personal gear collection.”

Some of the items available:
Carvin Legacy C412 4×12 16 Ohm Angled Speaker Cabinet
Carvin Legacy C412 4×12 8 Ohm Speaker Cabinet Owned
Morley Steve Vai Bad Horsie Optical Wah Guitar Effect Pedal
2 AKG SST4500 & 2 SPR-4500 In-Ear Monitoring Systems
TC Electronic G-System Multi-Effect Pedal & Road Case
…and more.

You can view the items for sale at this location.