Matt Garrison, “British Airways LOST my $12,000 custom made Fodera Mini MG” Bass Guitar

Matthew Garrison: “Dear musicians, do not EVER fly British Airways again. They LOST my $12,000 custom made Fodera Mini MG after insisting I check it and pay for it to be checked. New policy, implemented arbitrarily, which denies you any right to bring your instrument, in a soft case, onboard any of their aircrafts. Tell your management/booking agency teams to avoid this airline like the plague!! Can’t buy seat for bass because fully booked (of course empty seats on flight), was told repeatedly instrument would not fit in overhead bin (more than enough space of course), was told to buy hard case for instrument at airport (went to do so, only had boxes). All in all, THEY SUCK!!!!! Don’t give them your money nor time. Horrible…”

Alex Skolnick (Testament): “I’m done with British_Airways after hearing how they’ve treated Matt Garrison (one of the best electric bassists around, imo). Every touring artist’s nightmare.”