Steve Vai Handles Guitar Shredding Scene in the New Foo Fighters Movie ‘Studio 666’ – 2022

Steve Vai: Last night I attended the premiere screening of the new Foo Fighters movie “Studio 666.” What a hoot! The movie is just off the charts gory and funny. Our favorite Foos are cast in a haunted house where Dave becomes possessed and starts doing strange things. There’s this one scene where Dave is trying to explain to the band what he wanted them to play, but he is half out of his mind and starts wailing wildly. Dave doesn’t actually shred as a guitar player, and I actually live a 3-minute walk from where they were filming, so Dave called me and asked if they could shoot my hands and shredding for the scene. It was a glorious blast of demonic shred pleasure and when I saw it in the theater, I had to throw my head back and laugh out loud. It was really great to hang with the Foos that day. With BJ McDonnell as director and a host of other fine folks, The Foos made a fantastic movie that their fans are going to “eat up raw.”