Stephen Pearcy on the Gladiators: “RATT was forced to play under that moniker” – 2022 – Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Robbin Crosby, Vince Neil

Stephen Pearcy:

“Backstage Blast”, circa 1984 Robbin “King” Crosby with ⁦Nikki Sixx⁩ explains to a rock rag the “Gladiators,” the party street gang we created with ⁦Motley Crue⁩ in the early days hanging on the strip 1981-82. True, RATT was forced to play under that moniker. Where?

Robbin Crosby:

We had a street gang called the Gladiators. Nikki Sixx was the leader, Stephen Pearcy was Ratt Patrol Leader, Vince Neil was Field Marshall, Tommy Lee was Duke, and I was King! Sunset Boulevard was happening, and we were the sleaziest drunk guys you could meet. It was all for fun, you know? Ratt even played two shows under the name the Gladiators because the club wouldn’t book us under our own name.

Stephen Pearcy:

Answer; The Troubadour- West Hollywood, CA – The Troubadour and I had a trippy relationship with Doug when I was booking the band there. He hated the name RATT, I was Mickey Ratt there. But we sold tickets. 🐀