Starbucks to Begin Selling Coffees in Disney Amusement Parks

The proliferation of Starbucks coffee over the past decade or so is undeniable, as the Seattle-based chain sells its coffees in nearly every major supermarket chain in the US and its coffee shops can be found in nearly every developed nation, and a number of emerging countries, in the world. One place Starbucks devotees have not been able to drink their favorite brew, however, is in Walt Disney amusement parks, which have so far declined to sell Starbucks branded beverages.

According to an announcement on Monday, Disney’s exclusion of Starbucks inside its parks is about to come to an end, as a Starbucks shop will open in June at Disney’s California Adventure park in Anaheim, California. The shop will be located inside the park’s Fiddle, Fifer & Practical Cafe, and employees will be dressed in vintage attire to maintain the cafe’s 1920s Los Angeles theme. The shop will serve coffee, espressos and Frappuccinos in addition to various Starbucks-branded food offerings, but will also sell other items including Disney-branded desserts and other items.

Starbucks’ shop in Disney California Adventure will be its first inside a Disney park, though it does have a shop in the Disney Village close to Disneyland Paris, but will certainly not be its last. The company is also finalizing plans for a shop in neighboring Disneyland in Anaheim and multiple cafes in Walt Disney World in Orlando and the Disney’s other Florida parks.