Spotify to Replace Sony’s Music Service on PlayStation

Sony executives appear to have fired their own Music Unlimited service, as their flagship PlayStation gaming console has switched to Spotify. Earlier this week, a new Spotify app debuted on both the PlayStation 3 and 4 consoles, replacing Sony’s Music Unlimited. In a press release, Sony said the change will allow them to expand its music service from 19 countries to 41, and will offer users improved tools for finding music. Rather than giving Sony the same app that has been available for years on smart TVs and set-top boxes, Spotify worked closely with PlayStation officials to optimize its service for the PlayStation.

For existing Spotify users, the new PlayStation app simply means a new way to access music with their account. New users, meanwhile, will be able to sign up for Spotify service right on their consoles. Music Unlimited subscribers won’t be automatically switched over to Spotify, and will have to sign up for the service. In addition to a free, ad-based service, Spotify also offers an ad-free subscription for $10 a month.