SPOTIFY Patents A&R Tech that Predicts Breaking Artists – 2022 – Music Business News

Music Business Worldwide: A new track is uploaded to Spotify nearly every second of each day. So using the service as a talent scouting tool can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Spotify knows this – and it’s working on something to remedy it. The entire article can be found @ this location.

According to a new US patent granted on Tuesday (March 1) and obtained by MBW, Spotify has developed what it calls a “system and method for breaking artist prediction in a media content environment”.

Spotify’s new invention works by determining “one or more early adopters” from its user base and then collecting data from their listening patterns.

“The system can then predict which artists are more likely to break based on the listening patterns of these early adopters.

“The patent explains: “A user who requested playback of media content from a plurality of breaking artists is determined and assigned the role of early adopter.

“The breaking artist prediction logic can thereafter predict future breaking artists based on further playback requests from an early adopter interacting with their media device via the software application. – READ MORE